Sunday 2 February 2014

The 3rd Day Of Chinese New Year Musings

Day 3 of Chinese New Year. As you are probable aware ( the two or three people who usually read this blog)  I walk a lot around the local district and in the past few days have experienced days of total desolation on the roads ( New Year's Day)  to traffic jams. It's a time for the Chinese or their descendants to visit their families. 
They say it's a period of time with the largest mass movement of people on the planet and I believe it. 
This year, the fire cracker brigade seems unusually quiet, the use of fire works is actually banned here  in Sabah, but that didn't stop them last year.  The mobile lion dance troupe seems to have had suffered a similar fate with little public interest shown. Maybe it's because most don't look like they have the required permits or belong to the right Chinese association, so the locals are reluctant to depart with the usual monetary appreciation. 
Talking about money the only group that seem to be doing well with the gift giving, Angpow, are the children. My wive's nephews, at least the older two, are walking around with slight smirks on their faces that says it's almost worth getting dragged over to visit relatives for. 

The local coffee shop is doing a roaring trade as I sit here writing this I can see a sea of new faces occupying all the available seating. I myself have been relegated to a bar stool overlooking the coffee making machine. I must say it has its advantages, the delectable smell of freshly ground coffee and the constant sight of the most scrumptious cheese cakes you can imagine in the cabinet next to me. I have a bird's eye view of all the comings and goings. Almost all are Chinese, relaxed and happy in either family groups or young friends from out of town on their yearly get together.
It's also a time for me that demonstrates the social divide that exists here. This event is almost exclusively Chinese and celebrated as such. Very soon the Malay will have their turn. Never the twain shall meet?

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  1. Thank you, Mr Thorpe. That bloke looks like one serious barista.


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