Monday 4 November 2013


Of course we don’t really know the answer to that question, but you must admit looking at the eyes makes you wonder what thought processes are going on. 

The scavenger / hunting-raptors have an evil element about them -  “I want you for dinner” look.  There is also an innate intelligence going on, finding food is all time consuming, so working on how best to achieve it makes up a greater part of their concentration. 

The pigeon's timid eyes on the other hand, state unequivocally, I’m a gentle creature that wants to mind my own business and potter around to find seed. 

The honeyeater's eyes look like the nectar they seek, soft and sweet.

The wide-eyed wise owl does indeed look like he is giving judgement on whatever he observes. 

The cockatoo's eyes project an image of a creature that is self assured and confident in the the way it acts and looks.

Guess work, speculation?  Undoubtably.
Oh, but what it must be like looking through those eyes soaring high above the earth seeing everything in minute detail; escaping the confines of terra firma. 

Maybe they are the ones with all the answers.


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