Saturday 19 October 2013

Welcome to My Writing Blog

Not very original I must say, but then again I'm not a very original person. First a little background info on myself and my wife who will occasionally contribute to this post. 

Currently I live and work ( volunteer ) in Sandakan Sabah, Malaysia. If you have a map handy, it's on the far northeastern part of Borneo. Population of 400 thousand plus, home to many ethnic groups that more or less co - exist in harmony. My wife a local with both Kadazan and Chinese heritage, is also a principal at one of the high schools and I must say very capable; keeping me well in line on most occasions. We met through our mutual desire to teaching English ( I know it sounds improbable, but very true) and making a long story short I moved here just over a year ago from Thailand where I had been for the previous 7. I'm an Australian by the way so please don't hold that against me. Talking a lot and giving my free advice on most topics are my main strengths ( my wife begs to differ ). 

Anyway enough of that; the purpose of this blog you may be asking yourself...  Boredom, yes that's right.  I want to kill time by expressing myself in writing. Only half joking, mind you.  I need to share some of my thoughts through short stories etc. and would love to have feedback from you, the reader    ( Hello is there anyone out there? ) so we can exchange ideas and make ourselves better people for it. Just read the last line so I think it's time to stop.

Yes I know how to smile

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Say what you want; this is your li'l kingdom on the internet and you are King. A word of caution: blogging can be addictive.


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