Monday 21 October 2013

Canunda National Park and the Coorong

The inspiration for writing " The Land only knows " came to me while Lili and I were walking along the coast line in South East of South Australia during our last holiday May 2013.
This part of the world is predominately volcanic limestone country with underlying aquifers.
The Australian aborigines lived close to the sea here for many thousands of years and even today you can still find evidence of occupation in the middens ( large areas of discarded  sea shells, in some places many metres deep) that are found in the local sand-hills.
Closer to Adelaide the limestone outcrops are replaced with a much larger network of sand dunes that separate the sea and a body of semi fresh water from the Murray River.
To the aborigines it's know as the Coorong and is a World Heritage site of significance because of the vast numbers of migrant birds that frequent the area during the Northern Hemispheres winter.
Southern Reaches of the Coorong
Mr Percival and friends

Salt creek Coorong

 Inland water ways of the Coorong

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  1. Canunda National Park is one of the most eye-catching parks in South Australia. I visited this with get bus tours about a couple of years ago and found it a worth visiting place to explore the nature. It’s everything is really inspiring as well its gorgeous landscapes encourage each visitor to capture them in the camera.


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